Quick Re-edit of Early Chapters plus Peter3d Out for the ipad

I've been making a lot of writing progress this weekend, but along the way I've also been reading quite a bit, Freakonomics being the latest book after the Jumper series.

The point is that I've been reading these on my new iPad that I won at BlogWorld a few weeks back, and I'm becoming a convert for ebooks finally.  So the other night I was playing around and figured out how to publish the first part of this book, Peter3d Out as an .epub file so that someone could read it on an iPad.

As I started reading my own book on my iPad it helped me see some editorial issues that were probably apparent to other people, but I had missed.  Writing/editing yourself is sometimes like doing the same exercise over and over again.  Your muscle memory kicks in and before you know it you are not getting much additional benefit from the same old exercise routine.  Same thing goes for writing and more importantly editing yourself.

You wrote it, you knew what you were talking about when you did that.  So when you go back and edit it, you read it subjectively through the same lens that you wrote it through, ergo you miss the obvious things that other people catch.

Now, one of the things I do and have always done is work to read, reread everything I write in different mediums, so if I write this in New Novelist (which sucks for editing, but great for getting organized), I make a lot of mistakes.  If I then move the chapters into MindManager, which is better for moving chunks and sections around and also very good for rewriting narration as dialogue, (but again bad for spelling/grammar issues) well I catch some things and miss others.

If I then put it into Microsoft Word, and over here in WordPress, again, I will catch more issues and fix them as I go.

But all of these tools / mediums are familiar to me, so its not foreign looking enough to jar me into temporarily thinking it is some one else's writing and then giving it the edit that it needs.  However, when I read it as an iBook on my iPad it doesn't look like something I have written.

I can't edit it there directly, but awkward things do stand out, which I think will help me tune up this book even more (until I find a real editor that knows what they are doing or at least a friend to give me a real thrashing of a critique or proof read.  Or maybe lots and lots of visitors here on this site that might jump in and cut me to pieces with lots of suggestions and complaints.

I'll take whatever I can get!

Anyway, just to summarize, making lots of writing progress, going to offer Part 1 up as an iBook in .epub format soon, maybe in the Apple library or maybe direct from this site, dunno about price.  Might be zero, might be some nominal amount to keep out the spammers, but I am definitely going to do it soon.

I haven't had a chance to figure out how to publish in formats that work for the Kindle, but if anyone has any tips, links, resources to help guide me down that path let me know.