I received some great advice the other day.  Two lovely ladies who are the hostesses for Tweep Nation, a podcast for and about writers, were interviewing me (see Episode 74 – “Amber And Dionne Interview Bumeter About Prosthetic Penises!” ).  Amber JeromeNorrgar and Dionne Lister were asking me about this book and asked me if I had created a brand name for my penis.

At the moment they asked me, I could not remember if I had created a brand for the prosthetic penises in Peter3d Out or not, but I was pretty sure I had not.  If I had, it was obviously something so boring and generic that I could not even remember it myself and I'm the author!

So I said, "No, but that's a great idea."

After that show, I started brainstorming with my lovely wife Becky.  We are complete opposites and normally do not really work well together.  We are great at dividing and conquering but not so much working in a team spirit kind of way.  This night however, things were different and Becky and I collected ideas and potential brand names for a couple hours.  It was a whole lot of fun.  I always have fun when I'm working on this book, and I think it kind of rubbed off on my wife this time around.  She's almost getting a taste for this, um, penis thing of mine.

So anyway, I wanted to share some of the results of the brainstorm here with everyone and if you think of a great name for a penis brand name or even a line of penises or some bit of functionality add on, let me know!

Maybe the brainstorm will help get you thinking, it definitely helped me.  If anyone happens to offer a suggestions that I use in the book, I will definitely acknowledge your suggestion and mention your name.

I really liked a couple of the ideas, such as a celebrity line called The Travolta, which would feature special accessory Disco Balls.  As these prosthetics are plug and play and work for men and women, I also liked the concept of a future branded line, penises designed for women to use or wear.  It would be called the My Momma Warned me Line and you can see the options from there...

Penis Brand Name Brainstorm mind map

First Chapters to be available on epub and Kindle

I'm working to make the short story and the first few chapters available to read on ePub, iBooks and Kindle (mobi).  For everyone that enjoys reading books this way, as do I, maybe this will be easier than flipping through a wordpress site, and give you a better idea if the book is flowing the way you might expect or want it to....