Not Lost Anymore, Figured out who the Killer is!

I've been a little stuck the last couple months. Mostly, I've been busy working on web design projects. this is the activity that pays the bills. However, I was stumped for a while. I hadn't figured out who the murderer/guilty party was in the book.

As things went, instead of the book hopping from event to event taking the reader on a fun ride, the novel was getting a little slow, deep and cumbersome. Personally, I do like to read books like that, but I don't feel that I'm totally prepared to write one like that and do it justice.

the goal of this book was always to write the first book in a series, a novellete at about 200 pages. Well I am half way to the page count and floundering around.

BUT then the other day, I figured it all out. I figured out who my killer would be, what their motivation was, and even how they 'done it.' 🙂

I always knew how this book would start, but I never knew where it was going. So the beginning was easy and fun to write. Now, I'm hoping that it will be easy and fun to finish this turkey and move onto the next book. The 'stuck' is over, let the chapters begin again!

On that note, I may go back and do some editing sometime soon, to reorder the chapters a bit. I won't likely change much of the story line, but now I know where I'm going, I also see a better way to pace the story.