Balancing shock for shock value with portraying something new

Over the last couple days, I have been thinking about shock value.

I'm not writing this book to be shocking, or ride a generic wave of attention from the shock value of some of the topics in this book.

Mostly, I am writing this story to be entertaining, to expand perspective, and as a simple expression of what ever meager writing capability I may have developed thus far.

When taboos lose their strength, what was once shocking becomes something of the normal.  Over the course of time, years, and decades and centuries we often see taboos go, and sometimes a few more come into play.  Hundreds of years ago marrying your cousin was not taboo, now it is.

A century ago it was taboo for women in western society to expose their ankles, now it is not.

Today we have many taboos still, but as this book is set about 60 years into the future when new technologies and experiences that most of us have never had yet have all been collectively experience over and over again.

So as I write this, I'm hoping to attempt to describe a situation in the future, post adjustment and acceptance to new technology.  I'm hoping to even allow the main character to adapt to new taboos being broken in a way that allows the reader to do the same.

Therefore, if you read this and find a topic or something written that seems a little shocking, please accept my apology as I have not done a good enough job writing the story yet.  🙂