A new sub plot – Al Qaeda in Space

Today, I thought of a new sub plot for the book. While reading some Mark Twain, a small piece on story telling and humor, I realized I needed something of a pause sometime very soon in the book.

It should be a little suspenseful, but humor should win the day. So I figure I need a dramatic pause to stretch out the humor in the scene that is currently developing. the current scene features Brad Rubenz at the crime scene taking every thing in. It's a weird setting, and will soon get weirder. but we need a pause so I'm going to send Al Qaeda into outer space. 🙂


I wrote this chapter, but I initially wrote it in a way that mostly sounded like a narrated news report. it conveyed the general idea, but it wasn't funny. I think I'm going to rewrite it in the form of a dialogue between a few of the characters, probably police officers. I think this could be a lot funnier. To accomplish this, I also had to finish chapter 11, which should be published in first draft form soon. The Al Qaeda in space chapter will probably fit into chapter 12 or 13.

All in all, I'm having a lot of fun. Oh and I'll probably put this through Nanowrimo also even though every time I log into my account the NanoWrimo site loads so slowly it barely functions so I haven't been able to load anything up yet.