008 – Married

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Brad walked back towards the door as he listened to Jenny talk. Sobbing might be a better description.

He unconsciously thumbed a button on his phone. It started recording his conversation, saving everything back from the time he answered the phone using his DVR app.

He had loved Jenny once, but above all else, Brad new how to cover his ass. He also benefited from the knowledge that he lived in a single party approval state where only one party had to agree to recording a call. For Rubenz and almost every other police officer it made the move almost second nature anyway. Hell, he probably would have recorded the call regardless just to be able to listen to her voice again later.

"...and then I was checking my messages between classes and I received a video message. I thought it was just spam at first, but then I saw Terry's birth mark on his thigh and realized that no spam video program was good enough to include that personal of a detail. Sure his ex-wife or maybe an old college girlfriend might have submitted his naked image to one of those boyfriend revenge services, but Terry just wasn't the kind of asshole that would piss off a girlfriend in that way. He was always so passive aggressive that . . .. sobs . . . tell me its not true, Brad, tell me it was just spam. Is Terry alright?" Jenny was rambling and sobbing almost incoherently.

"Jenny, take a deep breath. Now tell me what you are talking about. Terry who?" Brad asked. He purposefully didn't include the last name of his victim, whom he hadn't even had a chance to see yet. This could just be some weird twisted coincidence, but his gut told him he wasn't going to be that lucky tonight.

" Terry McBoyd. My husband? You sent us a wedding present. That was how I knew you were finally over me." Jenny said.

"Jenny, I . . . I never" Brad started to say.

"Detective Rubenz, we've got work to do. Dispatch has another call for us, so can we get this hand over of the crime scene moving" Scinlin said. She had walked up behind him and when she spoke Rubenz had almost caught her in the face with his elbow holding the phone.

"Shit. Sorry. No not you Jenny. Jenny, I have to call you back." he said while holding up a hand to stall Scinlin. He clicked off the phone. Jenny was married? Who had sent her a wedding present. Wait! Jenny was married to the dead guy in the other room. The guy who had had his dick cut off? What the hell was going on here. He was cursing the situation in his mind so much he could hardly concentrate on what he should do next.

"Detective! You've got about 1 minute to pull your head out of your ass and get moving or we are out of here and you can just start over." Scinlin was looking really steamed now.

"OK, let's get to it." Rubenz switched his phone to silent and headed toward the door. "Give me the run down from the point of the discovery of the victim."

"Sure thing, Detective. We'll meet you on the inside in 5 minutes," Scinlin sneered. And the pair turned and headed for a corner where they were working to finish up and synchronize their logs in preparation for handing the scene over to Rubenz.

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Editorial Note I believe I need a structural change/correction in this chapter

[b1]Didn’t Scinlin already do the handover, should this just be the police officers showing him the crime scene?