018 – Al Qaeda Eunuchs in Space

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This is most definitely a draft chapter based on a recent concept I thought of while contemplating some aspects of the series by GrrM (reminds me of Tony the Tiger saying Grrrreat!)

In general, I toyed (pun intended) with emasculating Al Qaeda. I'm sure it is likely unfair and possibly inappropriate, but delusional belief systems and the people that believe them make me think that the world could just possibly get crazier. This was confirmed for me today, when I read of a 9 year old student being expelled for 2 days for sexual harassment after they told another student that they thought their teacher was cute, and this comment was overheard and reported to the principal by a substitute teacher.

got a lot more to do, but its a start

Yes, Imam we have established comms under an old internet protocol IP6. We are trying to gather information on the state of the earth from news video reports.

Ja'maal interjected, It was extremely disturbing. Americans in general seem to be far more pious than ever before. Many if not most have challenged the other believers of the world. The challenge involves facing off with individuals from around the world to a contest to see who could can sustain the most self mutilation to attain purity of heart, mind soul and body....

Yes so it is. They are cutting off their penises in a style reminiscent to sepulchi, the art of suicide to pay for a mistake.

These crazy Americans are cutting off their penises to prove their heightened level of purity....

Historical footnote - Jihad and Eunuchary date back decades. A Jihadists that reported to Osama Bin Laden even proclaimed to have taken injections to promote impotence to avoid the distraction of women at the turn of the century. (see Telegraph article) Some reports indicate he may even have been deported into outer space.


Then I got serious and wrote the next four chapters.  I'll likely edit these in to the full book in segments somehow, but here they are for now.