More Changes coming this way, name changes, and foreign language version of Peter3d Out!

I’m bringing a number of changes to the site shortly.  The best of those changes will be more chapters! But some structural stuff too.  Among other things, I’m going to push this out in a bunch of foreign languages.  Mostly I love the idea of people around the world reading about Al Qaeda in space.  […]

Quick Re-edit of Early Chapters plus Peter3d Out for the ipad

I’ve been making a lot of writing progress this weekend, but along the way I’ve also been reading quite a bit, Freakonomics being the latest book after the Jumper series. The point is that I’ve been reading these on my new iPad that I won at BlogWorld a few weeks back, and I’m becoming a […]

New Novel Cover for Peter3d Out

Sometimes when you start with a bad thing, it actually evolves. Well, I’m not blind enough to believe that will work for me, but I have developed, redeveloped, hacked would be a better description, a new novel cover. I did it really for NaNoWriMo purposes, just needed some type of art to put there.  My […]