iSkin developed to turn us all into Cyborgs or at least make my fiction become a reality in 40 years

I came across this fun tech article on the reliable source known as! Sure, this is the first time I have ever visited the site, but I read it on the internet and there are pictures too, so its gotta be real. Researchers in short are looking to find ways to create something that […]

You Need to Brand Your Penis, She Said

I received some great advice the other day.  Two lovely ladies who are the hostesses for Tweep Nation, a podcast for and about writers, were interviewing me (see Episode 74 – “Amber And Dionne Interview Bumeter About Prosthetic Penises!” ).  Amber JeromeNorrgar and Dionne Lister were asking me about this book and asked me if I had […]

AQ – 03 – Clearing Your Head Before a Space Walk

Jonathan was over seeing the production line as ten former members of Al Qaeda were busy sewing.  They were working to create essentially a space suit.  It was extremely ad hoc and currently their primary goal was to insulate it as thoroughly as possible. If they could make this work, Jonathan would be zipped into […]

AQ – 02 – Old Enemies become New Friends

Jonathan’s eyes fluttered open.  His head was pounding and the cotton mouth had returned, but it had a metal taste to it now, a taste of iron. He licked his lips and realized that there was dried blood on his lips. “Greetings, Let us try this again,” said the voice of Osama Bin Laden floating […]

Fixed Theme – A Short Story – An Epiphany

I jumped in tonight and fixed whatever it was that was breaking the header here on the site.  I had upgraded the theme that I use quickly and without paying much attention (I apologize).  The upgrade wiped out the custom css styling and long story short, I had to put the customization back to make […]

018 – Al Qaeda Eunuchs in Space

V 0.1 This is most definitely a draft chapter based on a recent concept I thought of while contemplating some aspects of the series by GrrM (reminds me of Tony the Tiger saying Grrrreat!) In general, I toyed (pun intended) with emasculating Al Qaeda. I’m sure it is likely unfair and possibly inappropriate, but delusional […]

Finding the Funniest Penis Stress Ball

Part of the future marketing of this crazy book O’Mine will include giving away a whole mess of stress balls, branded with the book name and probably the website.  Last fall at BlogWorld we were at a zany party in Las Vegas.  Lexis was giving away a free car to bloggers who attended the party […]