PETER3D Out is a mystery novel written by Brett Bumeter featuring the character of Brad Rubenz.  It is set in a future in the approximate year of 2075.  Detective Rubenz of homicide must solve the mystery of a international prosthetic sexual device distributor.

This site has initially been created to share the early drafts of this novel.  Free access is available to all chapters for anyone that registers with the site.  The author, sincerely appreciates any and all feedback, especially questions on plot, character, locations etc.  He definitely will also appreciate any help tidying up any problems with grammar or spelling, but the initial primary goal is to just get the damned thing written.

Recommendations for better graphic design of the site or future novel covers will definitely be considered.  We've got a couple voices in mind already for the audio book.  My dopleganger Nicholas Cage is not yet available to play the role of Brad Rubenz.

Note from the Author

So I'm writing a novel and sharing it here while its a work in progress. The entire book will be available chapter by chapter as I write it. You don't have to pay anything to read the book. You can't copy it or republish it or anything. Its free as in freedom not free as in beer. Ergo, you have the freedom to read it without paying for it, but it is not yours to give away like a beer to someone else. They'll just have to come here themselves!

To read it, simply navigate through the chapters in the menu. Its a bit of a pain, but I'm developing a better system that will be available before this book gets too long

If you get confused, spot a typo, want to bitch or just say hello. Drop me a comment below the chapter or via facebook or something.

I'll take all the constructive criticism I can, that's why I'm sharing it here!