Start Here!

So this is the start (draft) of a novel I'm writing.  The main character, Detective Brad Rubenz, is called to a grisly murder scene where a man has lost his life due to a repeated, violent, man hood detachment.  Its a topsy-turvy sex crime gone very wrong.  The book is set 60 years in the future.

This is my first full on novel.  I do pull from some of my experience working as an accountant whose division was sold by a fortune 100 company to the Chinese Mafia, and my subsequent experience as a corporate whistle blower.  My personal true story is also pretty bizarre(but doesn't include futuristic sex crimes).  This is fiction and for me, it is preparation for the day when I'll write that true story.

I've recently completed a sample of the future audio book as well.  The Intro is voiced by Bill Fortune and the Narration, Direction and Production was done by Joe Klein.  The sample brings together 4 chapters that in the final book will actually be cut up and used as a series of flash backs throughout the book.  They set up the weird scenario that led to the discovery of a new sexual addiction, triggered by a short circuit . . .well, listen for yourself.

Peter3d Out, Get the audio book short story - Listen Now on MP3

You can read some samples if you like and I sincerely welcome any questions, feedback, criticism, spelling or grammar checks etc.  I especially welcome any questions on the plot, or questions about the characters in general.

If you want to read all of the chapters, then you need to register for this site.  (Its free for now, and if I ever make it something that costs money, you will be grandfathered in if you registered now.)

You can navigate the chapters from the home page or from the menu system.  The epub and mobi versions will be available again soon!