You Need to Brand Your Penis, She Said

I received some great advice the other day.  Two lovely ladies who are the hostesses for Tweep Nation, a podcast for and about writers, were interviewing me (see Episode 74 – “Amber And Dionne Interview Bumeter About Prosthetic Penises!” ).  Amber JeromeNorrgar and Dionne Lister were asking me about this book and asked me if I had created a brand name for my penis.

At the moment they asked me, I could not remember if I had created a brand for the prosthetic penises in Peter3d Out or not, but I was pretty sure I had not.  If I had, it was obviously something so boring and generic that I could not even remember it myself and I'm the author!

So I said, "No, but that's a great idea."

After that show, I started brainstorming with my lovely wife Becky.  We are complete opposites and normally do not really work well together.  We are great at dividing and conquering but not so much working in a team spirit kind of way.  This night however, things were different and Becky and I collected ideas and potential brand names for a couple hours.  It was a whole lot of fun.  I always have fun when I'm working on this book, and I think it kind of rubbed off on my wife this time around.  She's almost getting a taste for this, um, penis thing of mine.

So anyway, I wanted to share some of the results of the brainstorm here with everyone and if you think of a great name for a penis brand name or even a line of penises or some bit of functionality add on, let me know!

Maybe the brainstorm will help get you thinking, it definitely helped me.  If anyone happens to offer a suggestions that I use in the book, I will definitely acknowledge your suggestion and mention your name.

I really liked a couple of the ideas, such as a celebrity line called The Travolta, which would feature special accessory Disco Balls.  As these prosthetics are plug and play and work for men and women, I also liked the concept of a future branded line, penises designed for women to use or wear.  It would be called the My Momma Warned me Line and you can see the options from there...

Penis Brand Name Brainstorm mind map

First Chapters to be available on epub and Kindle

I'm working to make the short story and the first few chapters available to read on ePub, iBooks and Kindle (mobi).  For everyone that enjoys reading books this way, as do I, maybe this will be easier than flipping through a wordpress site, and give you a better idea if the book is flowing the way you might expect or want it to....

More Changes coming this way, name changes, and foreign language version of Peter3d Out!

I'm bringing a number of changes to the site shortly.  The best of those changes will be more chapters!

But some structural stuff too.  Among other things, I'm going to push this out in a bunch of foreign languages.  Mostly I love the idea of people around the world reading about Al Qaeda in space.  Could care less what they think of the rest of the book, but that one just kind of makes me giggle.

I'm also changing some names.  Jesse and Jessy will now become . . .

Well, they'll become something different.  I'm not going with the dual name, two characters with slightly similar names.  I thought it would make for some purposefully twisted humor as people got them confused, but I just didn't really get the result I was looking for so I'm going with something different.  Different names for each, but probably some backstory about how they had the same nick name.

Also, I have to get Facebook comments back up and running.  The API changed and I have to created a new app to go with Facebook.  That will probably be a weekend project, but it will happen soon.

Got to run for now, sending the first few chapters to the voice over production company that is prepping to create the first audio book samples, which we will use for our future Kickstarter project.

Yup, audio book will be coming, along with ebooks for the iPad and kindle and other portable readers.

hmmm, what else, I think that may be it for now, check back soon, and do sign up for a free membership to get access to all of the chapters!

Not Lost Anymore, Figured out who the Killer is!

I've been a little stuck the last couple months. Mostly, I've been busy working on web design projects. this is the activity that pays the bills. However, I was stumped for a while. I hadn't figured out who the murderer/guilty party was in the book.

As things went, instead of the book hopping from event to event taking the reader on a fun ride, the novel was getting a little slow, deep and cumbersome. Personally, I do like to read books like that, but I don't feel that I'm totally prepared to write one like that and do it justice.

the goal of this book was always to write the first book in a series, a novellete at about 200 pages. Well I am half way to the page count and floundering around.

BUT then the other day, I figured it all out. I figured out who my killer would be, what their motivation was, and even how they 'done it.' 🙂

I always knew how this book would start, but I never knew where it was going. So the beginning was easy and fun to write. Now, I'm hoping that it will be easy and fun to finish this turkey and move onto the next book. The 'stuck' is over, let the chapters begin again!

On that note, I may go back and do some editing sometime soon, to reorder the chapters a bit. I won't likely change much of the story line, but now I know where I'm going, I also see a better way to pace the story.

Chapter title inspired by Muppet Show Pigs in Space

I'm sure many of you have already made the connection, but when I came up with the title for Chapter 14, I kept thinking of the Muppet Show series, Pigs in Space, or more precisely, the opening credit where the announcer yells/echoes "PIGS IN SPAACCCEEE"

A new sub plot – Al Qaeda in Space

Today, I thought of a new sub plot for the book. While reading some Mark Twain, a small piece on story telling and humor, I realized I needed something of a pause sometime very soon in the book.

It should be a little suspenseful, but humor should win the day. So I figure I need a dramatic pause to stretch out the humor in the scene that is currently developing. the current scene features Brad Rubenz at the crime scene taking every thing in. It's a weird setting, and will soon get weirder. but we need a pause so I'm going to send Al Qaeda into outer space. 🙂


I wrote this chapter, but I initially wrote it in a way that mostly sounded like a narrated news report. it conveyed the general idea, but it wasn't funny. I think I'm going to rewrite it in the form of a dialogue between a few of the characters, probably police officers. I think this could be a lot funnier. To accomplish this, I also had to finish chapter 11, which should be published in first draft form soon. The Al Qaeda in space chapter will probably fit into chapter 12 or 13.

All in all, I'm having a lot of fun. Oh and I'll probably put this through Nanowrimo also even though every time I log into my account the NanoWrimo site loads so slowly it barely functions so I haven't been able to load anything up yet.

Balancing shock for shock value with portraying something new

Over the last couple days, I have been thinking about shock value.

I'm not writing this book to be shocking, or ride a generic wave of attention from the shock value of some of the topics in this book.

Mostly, I am writing this story to be entertaining, to expand perspective, and as a simple expression of what ever meager writing capability I may have developed thus far.

When taboos lose their strength, what was once shocking becomes something of the normal.  Over the course of time, years, and decades and centuries we often see taboos go, and sometimes a few more come into play.  Hundreds of years ago marrying your cousin was not taboo, now it is.

A century ago it was taboo for women in western society to expose their ankles, now it is not.

Today we have many taboos still, but as this book is set about 60 years into the future when new technologies and experiences that most of us have never had yet have all been collectively experience over and over again.

So as I write this, I'm hoping to attempt to describe a situation in the future, post adjustment and acceptance to new technology.  I'm hoping to even allow the main character to adapt to new taboos being broken in a way that allows the reader to do the same.

Therefore, if you read this and find a topic or something written that seems a little shocking, please accept my apology as I have not done a good enough job writing the story yet.  🙂