A Gripping Cyber Punk ‘whodunnit’!
Filled with intrigue and erotic role reversals, Peter3d Out is a comical peep show into the future of technology, crime fighting, politics and sex.

In the spirit of Forest Gump visiting the set of Boogie Nights portrayed by the descendants of the cast of Pulp Fiction.

Peter3d Out - The Arousal

The short story or prequel leading up to Peter3d Out the novel

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001 – Uploading for Dollars

iterative update 1.6 Brad Rubenz clicked the upload button and watched as forty-three thousand five hundred eighty-two seconds of content were … [Read More...]

002 – Piece Meal

iterative update 1.3 Brad was en route to the Mega Warehouse complex. His phone indicated that he should arrive in about three minutes. It was an … [Read More...]

003 – Ulmec Skull Suckers

Iterative update 1.4 "...Ulmec Skull Suckers. They sliced off the top of the skull, and then slurped the blood out of the brain vessels while the … [Read More...]

004 – Discovery

iteration 1.2 Colton was sitting on a special non-slip chair in the shower. Showers used to invigorate Colton. Now they were just a constant … [Read More...]

005 – Rev3lation

Version 1.2 Nicky was a morning person. She had always felt more aroused in the morning, but Colton’s biological clock had spun even further out of … [Read More...]

006 – Never Again

vers 1.1 "Just shut the fuck up, I can't talk to you now.  I have to get to my interview.  I have to be out of this apartment." Jesse was … [Read More...]

007 – Need for a Penis

Version 1.2 Nicky wasn't sure what she was doing. She had always had tremendous self control, never drank much, never did drugs, never had an … [Read More...]

008 – Married

vers 1.1 Brad walked back towards the door as he listened to Jenny talk. Sobbing might be a better description. He unconsciously thumbed a … [Read More...]

009 – Penis Parts, Pallets and other P…..

Revision 1.1 Brad walked back through what appeared to be an office area. There was a guard by a door at the end of the office. There was no window … [Read More...]

010 – Advice from the Rookie

Version 1.2 Brad had to smile when he saw the image staring back at him via HUD. The tall lean and healthy body of Amber Ryenstall would put a … [Read More...]

011 – The Base Falls Off <-8

version 1.1 Brad quickly resumed his review of the crime scene. He was always getting shit in the office for actually working the crime scene and … [Read More...]

012 – Live Sh1ver

vers 1.2 Something caught Brad's eye just in the corner of his vision on the right. He turned slowly to take in whatever it might have been without … [Read More...]

AQ – 01 – Jonathan Awakes

“OoooOOOOOHHHHH, whoa!” This had to be the worst hangover Jonathan Seymour had ever had.  His tongue had a foul taste to it that crossed the boundary of cotton mouth full on into chewing on grains of the Sahara encased on a bicycle tire tube.  His eyes ached from the light coming straight through his closed eye lids.  He realized that his eyelids were indeed closed as he could very distinctly see veins in the skin.  Wait, that didn’t make … [Read More...]

AQ – 02 – Old Enemies become New Friends

Jonathan’s eyes fluttered open.  His head was pounding and the cotton mouth had returned, but it had a metal taste to it now, a taste of iron. He licked his lips and realized that there was dried blood on his lips. “Greetings, Let us try this again,” said the voice of Osama Bin Laden floating in the air 5 feet away. Jonathan’s brain was not cloudy any longer.  He smiled at the gangly old man and said, “Yes, let’s do that.  You can start … [Read More...]

013 – P3nis Packaging is Good for the Environment

version 1.2 "Well, that's something that doesn't happen at work every day," Brad said to himself, check that, said to the world as he mentally … [Read More...]

014 – Al Qaeda in Space

vers 1.1 Brad was headed home and he was exhausted after having to decontaminate. Fortunately, the crime scene Bot’s ability to lift individual … [Read More...]

015 – Another Discovery

Part 2 vers 1.0 Brad transferred to a smaller single pod for the last leg of his journey. The stench of the crowds transferring tonight was … [Read More...]

016 – The Widow

version 1.1 Brad punched a button on his phone activating the official interview function.  This would trigger a call to the interviewee with full … [Read More...]

017 – Manhood Revitalization Services

version 1.1 Brad really couldn't get out of Jenny's place fast enough. He wasn't physically rushing, and there was nothing strained in his … [Read More...]

018 – Al Qaeda Eunuchs in Space

V 0.1 This is most definitely a draft chapter based on a recent concept I thought of while contemplating some aspects of the series by GrrM … [Read More...]

AQ – 03 – Clearing Your Head Before a Space Walk

Jonathan was over seeing the production line as ten former members of Al Qaeda were busy sewing.  They were working to create essentially a space suit.  It was extremely ad hoc and currently their primary goal was to insulate it as thoroughly as possible. If they could make this work, Jonathan would be zipped into a space suit that had no legs.  It would look like a large air tight sleeping bag with two arms and no head.  The material was … [Read More...]

AQ – 04 – First Food, Air Second

Jonathan awoke again after passing out in space again.  This was beginning to be a bit ridiculous.  His stomach ached with hunger even more than his feet burned with cold.  He figured that it was a good thing that his feet felt any pain at all.  He had little experience with frost bite, but suspected that if the feeling had been completely gone from his feet that would be much more serious.  His breathing was back to normal, but he had a headache … [Read More...]